Thunder – February 7, 2001: Yul Brynner Would Be Disappointed

Thunder Date: February 7, 2001 Location: Bankcorpsouth Center, Tupelo, Mississippi Commentators: Tony Schiavone, Mike Tenay Amazingly enough, we’re coming in off a surprise heel turn this past Monday as Rick Steiner joined up with Flair’s group to reunited with his brother yet again. They really aren’t even hiding the fact that this is another NWO […]

Monday Nitro – February 5, 2001: After All This Time

Monday Nitro #276 Date: February 5, 2001 Location: Bankcorpsouth Center, Tupelo, Mississippi Commentators: Scott Hudson, Tony Schiavone Things are starting to build up towards SuperBrawl and the unbelievably fresh MEGA SHOWDOWN between Scott Steiner and Kevin Nash because that’s what’s going to get the young’uns talking about WCW as they walk through the airport. If […]

Thunder – May 6, 1999: The Dumping Ground

Thunder Date: May 6, 1999 Location: Bryce Jordan Center, State College, Pennsylvania Commentators: Mike Tenay, Larry Zbyszko It’s the go home show for Slamboree and things are getting bad around here. Between the nonsensical stories and the boring matches leading up to a show that has barely been hyped outside of the main event, I’m […]

Thunder – February 18, 1999: Well…..It Is Better

Thunder Date: February 18, 1999 Location: E Center, Salt Lake City, Utah Attendance: 9,159 Commentators: Mike Tenay, Tony Schiavone, Bobby Heenan This show has to be better than Nitro. I really do not thing it’s possible for a show to be worse than the one that I watched on Monday. It completely missed on everything […]

Thunder – January 21, 1999: As Simple As Black And White

Thunder Date: January 21, 1999 Location: Market Square Arena, Indianapolis, Indiana Commentators: Mike Tenay, Tony Schiavone, Bobby Heenan We’re on the way towards SuperBrawl and the latest Hogan vs. Flair showdown. Nitro saw a few stories being set up for the pay per view with the second biggest one being Luger/Nash vs. Konnan/Mysterio. The Wolfpack […]

Thunder – August 5, 1998: Stealing Nitro’s Bad Ideas

Thunder Date: August 5, 1998 Location: Casper Events Center, Casper, Wyoming Commentators: Tony Schiavone, Lee Marshall, Bobby Heenan, Mike Tenay It’s the go home show for Road Wild which means we’re probably in line for about 174 Tonight Show clips in the next two hours. We might even get to hear some new matches announced […]

Monday Nitro – July 27, 1998: I Want To Buy The Crowd A Drink

Monday Nitro #147 Date: July 27, 1998 Location: Alamodome, San Antonio, Texas Attendance: 19,109 Commentators: Larry Zbyszko, Tony Schiavone, Mike Tenay, Bobby Heenan We’re getting closer to Road Wild and nothing has been announced as of yet. It’s clear that Jay Leno is going to be involved in some way, even if the fans don’t […]

Thunder – June 24, 1998: Can We Pop The Basketballs Already?

Thunder Date: June 24, 1998 Location: Orlando Arena, Orlando, Florida Commentators: Mike Tenay, Bobby Heenan, Tony Schiavone We’re still closing in on Bash at the Beach where, in case you didn’t hear it 948 times on Nitro, the main event will have basketball players wrestling. Nitro was one of the most annoying shows I can […]

Thunder – June 4, 1998: One Stacked B Show

Thunder Date: June 4, 1998 Location: Peoria Civic Center, Peoria, Illinois Commentators: Mike Tenay, Lee Marshall, Tony Schiavone After Monday we have a major development in the form of Sting joining the Wolfpack as pretty much everyone figured he would. It really doesn’t change anything as WCW is just standing on the sidelines while the […]

Thunder – March 5, 1998: Let The Non-Matches Begin

Thunder Date: March 5, 1998 Location: Columbus Civic Center, Columbus, Ohio Commentators: Tony Schiavone, Bobby Heenan, Lee Marshall WCW is in an interesting little groove right now as they’re not taking their shows seriously at all other than the main event and it’s making things much easier to get through. We’re ten days from Uncensored […]