NWA San Francisco TV – July 1, 1979: I Think There’s Something Wrong With Him

San Francisco TV Date: July 1, 1978 Location: KXTV Studios, Sacramento, California Commentator: Hank Renner I had a good time with the previous show and I’m assuming this is the followup. I’m guessing we won’t be seeing Piper or Race here as it was rare to see the same lineup week after week. It was […]

Wrestler of the Day – April 18: Roddy Piper

It’s Roddy Piper and that’s all the introduction you need.

Wrestler of the Day – February 3: The Rockers

We’ll continue our look at 80s tag teams today with the Rockers.

On This Day: September 3, 1983 – Portland Wrestling: I’d Watch This

Portland Wrestling Date: September 3, 1983 Location: Portland Sports Arena, Portland, Oregon Commentators: Dutch Savage, Don Coss This is another of those companies that I’ve never gotten around to but a lot of big names made the rounds here over the years. Officially the company is called Pacific Northwest Wrestling but everyone referred to it […]