On This Day: April 3, 1999 – Cyberslam 1999: Catering to the Internet? That Could Never Work

Cyberslam 1999 Date: April 3, 1999 Location: ECW Arena, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Attendance: 1,200 Commentator: Joey Styles   It’s another internet convention show which is really just a glorified house show. The main event is a six man steel cage match called Ultimate Jeopardy which is more or less ECW’s version of WarGames. It’s hard to […]

ECW on TNN – December 17, 1999: It Took Five Weeks But We’re Making Progress

ECW on TNN Date: December 17, 1999 Location: Siegel Center, Richmond, Virginia Attendance: 3,000 Commentators: Joey Styles, Joel Gertner We’re getting close to the end of the year and hopefully we actually have some development in the tag title feud. I remember something major that was coming next week but I think that was impromptu […]

ECW on TNN – October 22, 1999: Sunny Bent Over In A Thong With Her Face In Lita’s Crotch While Dawn Marie Spanks Her

ECW on TNN Date: October 22, 1999 Location: Alario Sports Center, West Wago, Louisiana Attendance: 2000 Commentators: Joel Gertner, Joey Styles We’re getting closer to November To Remember and we’ve got a few matches set now. For one thing we have the world title match set as Awesome will defend against Tanaka. As for tonight’s […]

Guilty As Charged 1999 – Taz FINALLY Beats Shane

Guilty As Charged 1999 Date: January 10, 1999 Location: Millennium Theater, Kissimmee, Florida Attendance: 2,600 Commentator: Joey Styles So tonight after about eight months of waiting too long, it’s FINALLY time for Shane vs. Taz. The main problem here is simple: until this point, no one bought for a second that anyone but Taz was […]