Hell in a Cell 2010: I Believe This Is The Last Show Smackdown Main Evented

Hell in a Cell 2010 Date: October 3, 2010 Location: American Airlines Center, Dallas, Texas Commentators: Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, Matt Striker This is being written the morning after the show aired so I do know the results before the review is written. The two week “build” for this show makes me think it’s going […]

Unforgiven 2006: The Year Of Cena Begins

Unforgiven 2006 Date: September 17, 2006 Location: Air Canada Center, Toronto, Ontario, Canada Attendance: 16,105 Commentators: Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler For some reason this is a very requested show, so here it is. This is a two match show for the most part as Cena goes for the world title against Edge in a TLC […]

Undertaker Is 20-0

And in a better match than last year.

Hell in a Cell 2011 – See What Violence Gets You?

Hell in a Cell 2011 Date: October 2, 2011 Location: New Orleans Arena, New Orleans, Louisiana Commentators: Michael Cole, Jim Ross, Booker T Well it’s only two weeks after the last PPV and it’s three weeks away from the next one so the build for this much be well developed right? Anyway the mains are […]

Badd Blood In Your House: 300lb Men and Giant Steel Cells

In Your House 18: Badd Blood Date: October 5, 1997 Location: Kiel Center, St. Louis, Missouri Attendance: 21,151 Commentators: Jerry Lawler, Jim Ross, Vince McMahon This is a very bittersweet show, as it’s the day that Brian Pillman, who was scheduled to have a match on the show, passed away. There’s still no clear decision […]