On This Day: April 29, 1999 – Smackdown Pilot: The Birth Of A Superstable

Smackdown (Pilot) Date: April 29, 1999 Location: New Haven Coliseum, New Haven, Connecticut Commentators: Michael Cole, Jim Cornette So around this time which is about a month after Mania 15, the WWF was REALLY big. WCW was on the ropes and WWF just started pouring it on. This is another example of what they were […]

Monday Night Raw – May 3, 1999: The Corporate Ministry

Monday Night Raw Date: May 3, 1999 Location: Valley View Casino Center, San Diego, California Attendance: 10,177 Commentators: Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler This is another request but I’m not sure why. The main event is Rock vs. Austin so I’m guessing that’s why. However there’s something else on this show which is made of awesome […]