So I Started Watching The List

I was thinking it would be a half hour version of Countdown.

NXT Takeover To Be A Monthly Series, Other New Network Shows

Gah I knew they would screw this up soon enough.  Here’s a set of new shows coming to the Network.  Thoughts/descriptions included.  

WWE Fans Are Stupid: Countdown Edition

So I watched the latest episode of Countdown (great way to kill forty five minutes to an hour) and the topic was International Sensations.  Then this happened.

Thought of the Day: Oh Yeah That Happened

Regarding Brock Lesnar.

Sorry For The Lack Of Updates Today/WWE Network Original Shows

I’ve been getting ready for the trip and didn’t really want to get into any big reviews.  Instead I just kind of watched stuff on the Network all day so I figured I’d give my thoughts on its original series so far since I somehow haven’t this far into the launch.

It’s Wrestlemania Sunday

This is our day.  Today is the day that the entire wrestling year builds to.  In just over twelve hours, the entire wrestling words focuses on one show only.  To think that this was started nearly thirty years ago now is mind boggling, especially when you consider how small things started out.  Wrestlemania has gone […]