Wrestling Wars Podcast Episodes 22 and 23

First up we have NorCal and Shockmaster previewing Summerslam and Takeover: Brooklyn before paying tribute to Roddy Piper.   http://mightynorcal.podbean.com/e/wwp-22-roddy-piper-memorial-plus-summerslam-and-nxt-takover-preview-with-wrestling-professor-the-shockmaster/   Then we have NorCal and myself in a quick shot of ripping on Kevin Dunn, TNA and the Divas.   http://mightynorcal.podbean.com/e/wwp-23-wrestling-news-with-kb-and-preview-of-the-nfc-east-with-ty-burna/   Finally, remember to check out the Wrestling Bundle this week, starting at […]

So I Started Watching The List

I was thinking it would be a half hour version of Countdown.

Thought of the Day: NXT Women vs. Divas

Ignoring all the in ring action and all the characters and match time either group gets, here’s how I know the NXT division is treated more seriously.

WWE Survey On New DVDs

WWE does this from time to time.  They’ve sent out a survey asking about potential DVD topics.  Here they are with my thoughts on each.

The Glass Is Half Full

I was reading back through some of the recent reviews/comments and I’ve come to a conclusion: I’m WAY too bitter about WWE at the moment. I know I rip on it a lot but I really don’t like getting this upset about wrestling of any form. Even late WCW was horrible but it was more […]

New Column: Giving the Divas A Fighting Chance

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but the Bellas haven’t been treated fairly.   http://www.wrestlingrumors.net/kbs-review-giving-divas-fighting-chance/34085/

Reviewing the Review – Monday Night Raw: May 12, 2014

Monday was one of those nights where it seemed like things were going to be moving forward at a snail’s pace but then a big curve ball changed everything. In this case, it was one heck of an announcement. Let’s get to it.

Divas Title Match Announced For Wrestlemania

It’s quite a match too.

No Way Out 2005: Angle vs. Cena and a Barbed Wire Steel Cage

No Way Out 2005 Date: February 20, 2005 Location: Mellon Arena, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Attendance: 9,500 Commentators: Michael Cole, Taz Not much to say here. It’s a Smackdown show and we’re in the very last stages of JBL’s title reign as he would lose to Cena at Mania. Other than that we have Cena vs. Angle […]

E! Network Developing WWE Divas Reality Series

According to an article on their website, E! is developing a series about the Divas.  I remember this being mentioned for the WWE Network but apparently we’re getting it on an actual network instead.  I won’t be watching but I’m sure it’ll bring in some 13 year old boys.