Full Listings For True Story Of The Royal Rumble DVD

They kind of have to mix this up due to the Network making these matches so accessible.

New WWE DVD Survey

It’s another of those surveys that WWE sends out to gauge interest in potential DVD projects. These can offer some compelling ideas so let’s take a look at what might be on WWE’s schedule.

WWE Survey On New DVDs

WWE does this from time to time.  They’ve sent out a survey asking about potential DVD topics.  Here they are with my thoughts on each.

Finally Caught The Paul Heyman Documentary

Yeah I’m a bit behind on these things.  There’s not much to say here but I have three notes.

I Checked Out Signature Sounds

The documentary about WWE music.

Best of Motor City Machine Guns: I Don’t Think That Word Means What You Think It Means

Best of Motor City Machine Guns Location: Impact Zone, Orlando, Florida Commentators: Mike Tenay, Taz, Don West Host: Jeremy Borash On the other side of the spectrum from the technical brawlers of Beer Money, we have the fast paced high fliers in the Guns. This is one of the most popular teams the company has […]

Best Of Beer Money: Too Little, Too Early

Best of Beer Money Location: Impact Zone, Orlando, Florida Commentators: Mike Tenay, Don West, Taz Host: Jeremy Borash I’m going to cheat a bit with this as this is actually half of a DVD set called Fandemonium, which focused on Beer Money and the Motor City Machine Guns. However, since the set is two DVDs […]

Full Listings For New Macho Man Randy Savage DVD/Blu Ray

It comes out on November 18.

WWE’s Pettiness Is Your Gain

So as you may have heard, Punk is suing WWE for royalties on his merchandise. Their response: slash all his merchandise prices so he gets almost nothing. Like this one for instance: the AWESOME Punk DVD for $2.99. Seriously. http://shop.wwe.com/CM-Punk%3A-Best-In-The-World-DVD/W04536,default,pd.html?dwvar_W04536_color=No%20Color&start=6&cgid=cmpunk His shirts and other gear is cheap as well. Even Eric Bischoff’s book was more […]

Sting: The Ultimate Collection Contest Revealed

It comes out in September.