On This Day: December 8, 1979 – Stapmede Wrestling TV: Middleweights and French Pornography

Stampede Wrestling Date: December 8, 1979 Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada Commentator: Ed Whalen Stampede Wrestling. This is the epitome of the stomping grounds for a ton of guys. What we have here is Stampede TV from the very late 70s. I have never seen a Stampede show before and I know very little about this […]

On This Day: September 29, 1984 – Championship Wrestling: There Is Wrestling Outside Of Hulk Hogan

Championship Wrestling Date: September 29, 1984 Commentators: Vince McMahon, Bruno Sammartino This is one of those shows where it’s a mix of matches from various arenas, hence the lack of a location or attendance. This is right before the wrestling world exploded with Hulkamania but the first steps have already been taken. The main event […]

On This Day: September 3, 1983 – Portland Wrestling: I’d Watch This

Portland Wrestling Date: September 3, 1983 Location: Portland Sports Arena, Portland, Oregon Commentators: Dutch Savage, Don Coss This is another of those companies that I’ve never gotten around to but a lot of big names made the rounds here over the years. Officially the company is called Pacific Northwest Wrestling but everyone referred to it […]