Christmas Sale On E-Books Still Going

Like everyone else, I’ve got a sale going for the rest of the year on my ebooks. This is going to run from now through the end of the year. There are three options to pick from:

Thank You Again/Sale Reminder

To my complete and utter amazement, my old record of sales for the ebooks was broken AGAIN in November.  I’m shocked that these things keep happening and can’t thank you guys enough for supporting me with this stuff.  I’ll be making them as long as you all keep wanting them. If you haven’t checked out […]

Happy Thanksgiving

Thank you all for taking the time to read my ramblings on here.  The ad revenue and ebook sales are making it more and more likely that I can do this as my full time job every month as the sales have been consistently going up.  I’ll keep putting them out as long as you […]

Question Regarding the Ebooks

Would having one every month to six weeks be overkill?  Remember that there’s no time frame for buying them as I’m not taking them down or anything, but would putting a new one out that often be too much?  They will never be more than $5 each and they’ll be formatted better next time as […]