EOTY Awards – Wrestler of the Year

It’s not CM Punk.

EOTY Awards – Match of the Year

This isn’t much of a surprise.

EOTY Awards – Worst Wrestler of the Year

Note that I said wrestler, not annoying heel commentator.

EOTY Awards – News Story of the Year

This one should be a bit arguable.

EOTY Awards – Show of the Year

And I mean PPV, not Raw/Impact etc.

EOTY Awards – Worst Angle of the Year

There are a bunch of options for this.

EOTY Awards – Feud/Rivalry of the Year

The common sense answer would be Cena vs. Rock or Punk.  I’ve never been one for common sense though.

EOTY Awards – Surprise of the Year

More options than I thought here.

EOTY Awards – Promo of the Year

Not what you might expect.

EOTY Awards – Surprise of the Year

As in something you didn’t see coming.