Ring of Honor TV – September 27, 2017: It’s Time to Rumble in an Honorable Fashion

Ring of Honor Date: September 27, 2017 Location: Center Stage, Atlanta, Georgia Commentators: Ian Riccaboni, BJ Whitmer Dang it we’re at a post-pay per view show and that could mean absolutely anything. Well almost anything as it certainly won’t mean anything about the pay per view itself. Hopefully they keep this part of the schedule […]

Ring of Honor TV – February 22, 2017: It Doesn’t Balance Out

Ring of Honor Date: February 22, 2017 Location: Center Stage Theater, Atlanta, Georgia Commentator: Kevin Kelly We’re finally ready for the end of the Decade of Excellence Tournament with Jay Briscoe vs. Christopher Daniels in what should be a pretty obvious ending based on the story they’ve been going with. Other than that there’s a […]

Ring of Honor TV – March 9, 2016: Just No

Ring of Honor Date: March 9, 2016 Location: Nashville Municipal Auditorium, Nashville, Tennessee Attendance: 675 Commentators: Kevin Kelly, Mr. Wrestling III It’s another stand alone show as we wait the first tapings from after the Anniversary Show. This week is a big week as we have the finals of the Top Prospect Tournament, though the […]