2017 Awards: Moment of the Year

I saved this one for last for…well no apparent reason actually.

2017 Awards: Non-Wrestler of the Year

Who says you have to be a wrestler to be in wrestling?

2017 Awards: Show of the Year

It all kind of depends on this no?

2017 Awards: Promo of the Year

This might be my favorite one.

2017 Awards: Most Improved of 2017

That’s an upgrade.

2017 Awards: Feud of the Year

It’s the building block of wrestling.

2017 Awards: Worst Angle of the Year

As usual, Kurt isn’t an option.

2017 Awards: Wrestler of the Year

I’m running out of big awards.

2017 Awards: Worst Show of the Year

This is one of the more fun ones.

2017 Awards: Worst Wrestler of the Year

What a group of nominees to pick from.