Royal Rumble Count-Up – 1990: Maybe It Will Live Forever

Royal Rumble 1990 Date: January 21, 1990 Location: Orlando Arena, Orlando, Florida Attendance: 16,000 Commentators: Tony Schiavone, Jesse Ventura We hit the 90s and there’s a bit of a new feel to the company with that new decade. Things are now being made to look a little newer and it’s probably a good thing that […]

Wrestler of the Day – October 11: Lanny Poffo

Today is someone a lot smarter than you: Lanny Poffo. Poffo got started in 1975 after being trained by his father Angelo. We’ll look at a match from the All Star Championship Wrestling promotion out of Knoxville in 1979. Lanny Poffo vs. George McCrary Poffo is billed as being from Amarillo, Texas here. This is […]

On This Day: November 25, 1989 – Saturday Night’s Main Event #24: The Biggest Upset In History

Saturday Night’s Main Event 24 Date: November 25, 1989 Location: Kansas Expo Center, Topeka, Kansas Commentators: Vince McMahon, Jesse Ventura The Survivor Series just happened and while it had the most awesome team in history (Hogan, Demolition and Jake), there isn’t much going on here. Because this was taped in October there won’t be any […]