Thought of the Day: Gimmick Match Overload Isn’t Anything New

I know people say that gimmick matches dominate wrestling today, but let’s look back to the 80s.

Thought of the Day: Lie To Me WWE! Lie To Me!

This is another sign of the times and it’s something else where they need to take the lead from old school.

Thought of the Day: If At First You Don’t Succeed…

It’s one of my thoughts, so you know it’s going to be based in old school stuff.

I Want To Talk A Little Bit About The WWE Gimmick Assembly Line

Back in 1908, the Ford Motor Company began manufacturing a car called the Model T. The idea behind it was simple: use the same format on an assembly line to mass produce affordable automobiles. It was a smash hit and became the standard method used for designing cars that is still used today. All of […]

I Want To Talk A Little Bit About Forcing Evolution In Wrestling

A few days ago, Hulk Hogan went on a big rant on Twitter about how TNA needs to fix a few problems and then it’ll find the next evolution in wrestling or be the next evolution of wrestling or whatever nonsense Hulk was raving about this time. Anyway that’s beside the point. For the life […]

I Want To Talk A Bit About Gimmick Matches

I’ve wanted to do this for a long time and with the cage match on Smackdown this past week and the now annual Hell in a Cell PPV coming up soon it seemed like as good a time as any.