AJ Resigns As Raw GM, Replaced by……

Apparently due to fraternization with a Raw Superstar who hasn’t been named yet.  I was going to say

Thought Of The Day: Well We Could Just Sit Around And Stare At Each Other

I’ve heard this asked before but I’d like to get some answers (serious or comical) to this question:

Thought of the Day: Dusty Rhodes Is The Best GM Ever

This is one of the reasons why NXT is possibly the best wrestling show today.

Monday Night Raw – July 15, 2002: He’s Back And He’s Better Than Ever

Monday Night Raw Date: July 15, 2002 Location: Continental Airlines Arena, East Rutherford, New Jersey Commentators: Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler This is another request and with good reason: EVERYTHING changes here. Well maybe not everything but a lot of things certainly do. First of all there’s the debut of the longest running Raw GM tonight, […]

WWE.com Announcement – Raw and Smackdown Swap GMs

Teddy is running Raw and Ace is running Smackdown. I’m not entirely sure what this solves but it mixes things up a bit. Edit: Apparently this is just for a week. So much for it meaning anything. Thoughts on this?

Johnny Ace Not Fired

According to WWE.com.