KB Goes To A TNA House Show

So as you may have heard, Becca and I took in the TNA house show tonight in Lexington at the baseball stadium. More details to come, but the conclusion: I don’t think I’ve ever had more fun at a wrestling show and that includes going to a WWE pay per view.  Let’s get to it.

On This Day: June 1, 2010 – NXT: This Is The Future

NXT Date: June 1, 2010 Location: American Airlines Center, Dallas, Texas Commentators: Michael Cole, Josh Matthews We come at last to the grand finale and the last episode of NXT that I haven’t reviewed yet. I’m kind of excited for this as the ending of the first one had me very interested indeed. Anyway, the […]

On This Day: April 5, 2012 – Impact Wrestling: Storm Was Fighting AJ A Year Ago Too

Impact Wrestling Date: April 5, 2012 Location: Impact Zone, Orlando, Florida Commentators: Mike Tenay, Tazz This is a different kind of show as I have no idea what’s coming here. Due to the WWE being in Orlando this week, the only recappers that care enough about Impact were at Raw and Smackdown, so there aren’t […]

Impact Wrestling – March 28, 2013: They’re Starting To Roll

Impact Wrestling Date: March 28, 2013 Location: ASU Convocation Center, Jonesboro, Arkansas Commentators: Tazz, Todd Keneley, Mike Tenay We’re live again this week and we’re in….Arkansas. That’s kind of a drop from Chicago but I’ll take what I can get. The main story going on here is that Hardy is #1 contender again with the […]

Impact Wrestling – March 21, 2013: The Bully Ray Story

Impact Wrestling Date: March 21, 2013 Location: Sears Center Arena, Chicago, Illinois Commentators: Mike Tenay, Tazz, Todd Keneley After last week’s dominance by Aces and 8’s, tonight should be about both redemption for TNA and setting up the first challenger for Ray and the title. Unfortunately this isn’t live so the reactions won’t be as […]

Lockdown 2013: We’ve Got A Mastermind

Lockdown 2013 Date: March 10, 2013 Location: Alamodome, San Antonio, Texas Commentators: Todd Keneley, Mike Tenay, Tazz It’s the second of four pay per views of the year for TNA and arguably their second biggest show of the year period. The main events tonight are Jeff Hardy defending the world title against Bully Ray inside […]

Lockdown 2013 Preview

It’s arguably the second biggest show of the year and I can’t say I’m thrilled for it.  The show is at the Alamodome which had over 60,000 people in it for the 1997 Royal Rumble, but I don’t think they’re going to get that many this time.  Let’s get to it.

Impact Wrestling – March 7, 2013: This Show Made Me Angry

Impact Wrestling Date: March 7, 2013 Location: Impact Zone, Orlando, Florida Commentators: Mike Tenay, Todd Keneley, Tazz It’s the final show in the Impact Zone before we start full time on the road next week. It’s also the final show before Lockdown and Lethal Lockdown between Team TNA and Aces and 8’s. Last week Angle […]

Five By Five: KB’s Five Favorite Moments In Wrestling

Part of a double shot today due to me being busy yesterday.

Monday Night Raw – November 20, 2006: A Thirty Man Opening Segment

Monday Night Raw Date: November 20, 2006 Location: 1st Mariner Center, Baltimore, Maryland Attendance: 6,500 Commentators: Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler Back to the land of requests here which means I have no idea why I’m watching this. We’re at the go home show for Survivor Series which means things are pretty boring right now. There […]