Royal Rumble Count-Up – 1989: Not Quite There Yet

Royal Rumble 1989 Date: January 15, 1989 Location: The Summit, Houston, Texas Attendance: 19,000 Commentators: Gorilla Monsoon, Jesse Ventura This is the first PPV version of the show and things have changed a lot. Tonight, everyone is in the match and they’re focusing more on the idea of every man being for himself. The match […]

NWA San Francisco TV – June 24, 1978: Roddy Piper Thinks Someone Is Crazy

San Francisco TV Date: June 24, 1978 Location: KXTV Studios, Sacramento, California Commentator: Hank Renner This is an interesting case as it’s pure territory days with Roy Shire’s San Francisco area. The big star here would be a young Roddy Piper, who was tearing up southern California before heading up to Portland and then on […]

Wrestler of the Day – December 24: Earl Hebner/Nick Patrick/Danny Davis

Today, with Santa on the way, we’re going to look at the greatest thing ever: WRESTLING REFEREES!

Wrestler of the Day – November 24: Ron Bass

Today we’re looking at one of the most common wrestling characters of all time: the evil cowboy with Ron Bass.

Wrestler of the Day – November 11: Harley Race

Today we’re looking at the greatest wrestler on God’s green Earth: Harley Race.

Wrestler of the Day – October 11: Lanny Poffo

Today is someone a lot smarter than you: Lanny Poffo. Poffo got started in 1975 after being trained by his father Angelo. We’ll look at a match from the All Star Championship Wrestling promotion out of Knoxville in 1979. Lanny Poffo vs. George McCrary Poffo is billed as being from Amarillo, Texas here. This is […]

Required Viewing #5: A Great Match You’ve Probably Never Seen

It’s a hidden gem in a dark period for WCW.

Wrestler of the Day – February 25: Ric Flair

I’ll keep this one simple: today is Ric Flair.

Required Viewing #2: The Only Partner Ric Flair Needs

I did the first one of these nearly six months ago and didn’t care for how it went but I thought I’d take another crack at it.  If you’ve never seen the original, take a look to get the idea. Today we’re going back to 1983 and the angle that set up Starrcade.

On This Day: November 24, 1983 – Starrcade 1983: The First

This is the original biggest show ever and it actually lives up to the billing.  The main event is Ric Flair vs. Harley Race inside a cage in one of the biggest storylines ever at that point. Starrcade 1983 Date: November 24, 1983 Location: Greensboro Coliseum, Greensboro, North Carolina Attendance: 15,447 Commentators: Gordon Solie, Bob […]