New Column: The Gold Makes The Rules

Looking at the importance of titles in wrestling and how to make them the most important thing on the show again.

Monday Nitro – August 2, 1999: Heaven Help Me. And WCW.

Monday Nitro #199 Date: August 2, 1999 Location: Sioux Falls Arena, Sioux Falls, South Dakota Commentators: Bobby Heenan, Scott Hudson I’m really starting to feel sorry for the wrestlers in this company. They have to work hard and try to carry this show to something resembling wrestling while the old guard just won’t shut up […]

Monday Nitro – July 26, 1999: I Think I Have Stockholm Syndrome

Monday Nitro #198 Date: July 26, 1999 Location: Mid-South Coliseum, Memphis, Tennessee Attendance: 7,201 Commentators: Scott Hudson, Bobby Heenan We’re less than three weeks away from Road Wild and the top of the card is starting to come into focus. Nash took a very sharp heel turn last week, seemingly for no reason other than […]

Monday Nitro – July 19, 1999: Back To Basics And A Lot Of Factions

Monday Nitro #197 Date: July 19, 1999 Location: Metrocentre, Rockford, Illinois Attendance: 7,558 Commentators: Scott Hudson, Bobby Heenan We’re inching closer to Road Wild and we have a main event of World Champion Hollywood Hogan defending against Kevin Nash, who may or may not be a heel now. The main story for tonight though is […]

Monday Nitro – July 12, 1999: This Is The Upgrade

Monday Nitro #196 Date: July 12, 1999 Location: Jacksonville Coliseum, Jacksonville, Florida Attendance: 7,945 Commentators: Tony Schiavone, Bobby Heenan We’re past Bash at the Beach and the woman beater is World Champion. In a match that totally ignored the whole “Sting can pin Nash” rule, Randy Savage pinned Nash with the help of Gorgeous George, […]

Wrestler of the Day – October 20: Outsiders

Time for one of the most successful tag teams of all time: the Outsiders.

Monday Nitro – May 24, 1999: Disaster

Monday Nitro #189 Date: May 24, 1999 Location: BI-LO Center, Greenville, South Carolina Commentators: Bobby Heenan, Tony Schiavone The big story tonight is the return of Hulk Hogan, which somehow sounds like a breath of fresh air. Randy Savage has been pushed as a killing machine because he wants the title, but he’s gone back […]

Required Viewing #13: He Did It

It’s my favorite moment ever in wrestling and the loudest pop you’ll ever hear.

Spring Stampede 1999 (2014 Redo): One Last Roll In The Hay

Spring Stampede 1999 Date: April 11, 1999 Location: Tacoma Dome, Tacoma, Washington Attendance: 17,690 Commentators: Bobby Heenan, Mike Tenay, Tony Schiavone This is a show that hasn’t had the chance to build up that well as they made the two main events on Monday. The midcard stuff is decent enough but there’s some stuff in […]

Wrestler of the Day – August 21: Steve McMichael

Today’s Wrestler of the Day was awes…..well he was good at…..uh……his music was good. Yeah we’ll go with that. It’s Steve McMichael.