Monday Nitro – November 2, 1998: The March To War

Monday Nitro #161 Date: November 2, 1998 Location: National Car Rental Center, Sunrise, Florida Commentators: Mike Tenay, Bobby Heenan, Tony Schiavone, Larry Zbyszko Things actually aren’t that bad for WCW right now as we’re heading into World War 3 and then Starrcade. The main stories at the moment are of course more Warrior vs. Hogan […]

Monday Nitro – September 14, 1998: One of the Finest Moments In Wrestling History

Monday Nitro #154 Date: September 14, 1998 Location: BI-LO Center, Greenville, South Carolina Attendance: 12,236 Commentators: Larry Zbyszko, Bobby Heenan, Tony Schiavone Fall Brawl has come and gone and it was little more than a pit stop for Halloween Havoc. The match disguised as WarGames did little more than set up the double main event […]

Wrestler of the Day – January 26: Legion of Doom

Today we’ve got a tag team for wrestler of the day. Actually scratch that. We have THE tag team for wrestler of the day: the Road Warriors.

Wrestler of the Day – January 22: Tully Blanchard

After a string of some less than stellar picks, it’s time for the wrestler’s wrestler and an original Horseman: Tully Blanchard.

On This Day: May 19, 1990 – Capital Combat: There’s No Way Around This. It’s The Robocop Show.

Capital Combat Date: May 19, 1990 Location: D.C. Armory, Washington, D.C. Attendance: 7,500 Commentators: Jim Ross, Bob Caudle This is the Robocop Show. That being said, the rest of this card is actually pretty good looking. It’s overstacked with tags but this is a good era for them so I can’t complain much. The main […]

On This Day: February 6, 1990 – Clash of the Champions #10: WCW Takes A U-Turn

Clash of the Champions 10: Texas Shootout Date: February 6, 1990 Location: Memorial Coliseum, Corpus Christi, Texas Attendance: 3,000 Commentators: Jim Ross, Jim Cornette We’re getting ready for the WrestleWar PPV and there’s one moment on this show that totally altered that PPV as well as arguably the next three and a half years of […]

Fall Brawl 1997: WCW Gets Beaten Up Again

Fall Brawl 1997 Date: September 14, 1997 Location: Lawrence Joel Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Winston-Salem, North Carolina Attendance: 11,939 Commentators: Ton Schiavone, Bobby Heenan THINK THAT’S A LONG ENOUGH LOCATION??? With so many WCW shows left I’m going to start hammering more of them out by doing the remaining versions of various shows, starting with the […]

Monday Nitro – September 1, 1997: The NWO Parodies The Horsemen, Among A LOT Of Other Stuff

Monday Nitro #103 Date: September 1, 1997 Location: Pensacola Civic Center, Pensacola, Florida Commentators: Mike Tenay, Tony Schivaone, Bobby Heenan, Larry Zbyszko We’re two weeks from Fall Brawl which has barely been touched on so far. The show wound up being pretty lame if I remember right but that goes without saying for a lot […]

Monday Nitro – May 26, 1997: Star Power Is The Key To This Show

Monday Nitro #89 Date: May 26, 1997 Location: Nashville Municipal Auditorium, Nashville, Tennessee Attendance: 6,484 Commentators: Mike Tenay, Bobby Heenan, Tony Schiavone, Larry Zbyzsko We’re back to the regular two hours again and that might be something good in this case. Also Hogan is here tonight which always helps make the shows feel bigger than […]

Halloween Havoc 1990: What Is Supposed To Be Scary Here?

Halloween Havoc 1990 Date: October 27, 1990 Location: UIC Pavilion, Chicago, Illinois Attendance: 8,000 Commentators: Jim Ross, Paul E. Dangerously This is a somewhat forgotten period of the company’s history as Sting is world champion and he’s being haunted by the Black Scorpion. You would think a Halloween show would be perfect for a supernatural […]