New Paperback: KB’s History of the Intercontinental Title (Updated Version)

  As was once said, the marquee says wrestling. While that’s always true, some wrestlers are more about the in-ring product than the others. For those wrestlers and fans of that style, the Intercontinental Title is one of the greatest gifts anyone could have ever asked for. It’s long been called the workers title as […]

Wrestlemania XXXIII Preview: Intercontinental Title: Dean Ambrose vs. Baron Corbin

It started last year.

Wrestlemania XXXII Preview: Intercontinental Title Ladder Match

I can’t stand this match.

New E-Book: KB’s History of the Intercontinental Title

Think of a great wrestler over the last forty years and odds are they’ve been the Intercontinental Champion. Since 1979, the Title has brought us a long list of great matches, stories and champions, many of whom have risen to the top of the wrestling world on the strength of their time as Intercontinental Champion. […]

King Barrett Reportedly Leaving WWE In June   And…..I’m not sure why people would care.  Barrett has been floating around the midcard for years now, picking up the Intercontinental Title here and there before dropping it for another injury.  Ever since he didn’t win the World Title back in 2010.  After that he was just a guy who didn’t win the […]

Elimination Chamber To Feature Intercontinental And Tag Team Title Matches

Well that’s certainly different.  I can’t wait for them to use the obvious six people for the Intercontinental Title match though, making sure we’re never getting any elevation and with the title winding up on Ziggler or Barrett.  Again.   The Tag Team Title match could be fun though.

Wrestlemania XXXI Preview: Intercontinental Title

Reach for the sky.

Intercontinental Title Vacated

Due to Barrett’s shoulder injury.  There will be a battle royal at Battleground for the title.

Full Monday Night Raw Review – April 14, 2014: Do You Really Want To Cross The Line In The Sand?

Monday Night Raw Date: April 14, 2014 Location: BJCC Arena, Birmingham, Alabama Commentators: Michael Cole, John Bradshaw Layfield, Jerry Lawler Tonight is going to be an interesting episode as it’s a tribute show to the Ultimate Warrior. However there’s going to be some regular stuff too, including the start of a tournament for the #1 […]

Incomplete Raw Review – April 14, 2014

Hey guys I’m sorry to have to do this but something has come up and I have to run to the airport tonight.  This is the review up to this point and I’ll be back the the rest tonight.  I apologize for the inconvenience but there’s no way around this.