Wrestlemania Count-Up – Wrestlemania I: You Can Feel The History

I had to get here eventually and it feels great to be back. These shows are the first reviews I ever did as I thought it would be fun to look back at every show leading up to Wrestlemania 32. Little did I know that I would spend four years doing them and wind up […]

WWE Fans Are Stupid: Countdown Edition

So I watched the latest episode of Countdown (great way to kill forty five minutes to an hour) and the topic was International Sensations.  Then this happened.

Wrestler of the Day – November 21: Nikolai Volkoff

Time for a 300lb Lithuanian in Nikolai Volkoff.

WWC 1988 Anniversary Show – A Hot Night In Bayamon: When Is The Next Plane Out Of Here?

WWC Anniversary Show 1988: Hot Night In Bayamon Date: September 10, 1988 Location: Bayamon Stadium, Bayamon, Puerto Rico Attendance: 23,000 Commentator: Hugo Savinovich, Brad Batten, Bert Batten This is the first full Puerto Rico show I’ve ever done and it’s from the World Wrestling Council. Hot Night in Bayamon is their anniversary show for the […]

Wrestler of the Day – March 15: Iron Sheik

AH! Today Wrestler of the Day #1! All other Wrestler of the Day! Bah phooey! It’s Iron Sheik.

Hulkamania Turns 30

Thirty years ago today, Hulk Hogan defeated the Iron Sheik to win the WWF Title for the first time.  This is the birth of modern wrestling as Hogan changed everything about the business with one legdrop and never looked back.  Here’s the entire show, which oddly enough didn’t have the title match go last. WWF […]

On This Day: September 29, 1984 – Championship Wrestling: There Is Wrestling Outside Of Hulk Hogan

Championship Wrestling Date: September 29, 1984 Commentators: Vince McMahon, Bruno Sammartino This is one of those shows where it’s a mix of matches from various arenas, hence the lack of a location or attendance. This is right before the wrestling world exploded with Hulkamania but the first steps have already been taken. The main event […]