SuperBrawl Revenge (SuperBrawl 2001): Just Let It Be Over

Superbrawl Revenge Date: February 18, 2001 Location: Nashville Municipal Auditorium, Nashville, Tennessee Attendance: 4,395 Commentators: Tony Schiavone, Scott Hudson It’s the final show in this trilogy that I’m doing as we wrap up Superbrawl thankfully with them cutting the numbers out. The main event here is Steiner vs. Nash in a 2/3 falls retirement vs. […]

On This Day: June 19, 2002 – TNA Weekly PPV #1: How Have They Survived As Long As They Have?

TNA Weekly PPV #1 Date: June 19, 2002 Location: Huntsville, Alabama Commentators: Mike Tenay, Don West, Ed Ferrara So since last night was the 3 hour Impact, I thought it was a good time to go back to the beginning and take a look at the origins of TNA. This was the Wednesday night series […]

On This Day: June 12, 2000 – Great American Bash 2000: Goldberg Turns And Sting Burns

Great American Bash 2000 Date: June 11, 2000 Location: Baltimore Arena, Baltimore, Maryland Attendance: 7,031 Commentators: Tony Schiavone, Mark Madden, Scott Hudson   Well I figured that since I’m halfway through 2000 I might as well finish the year off and for some reason I thought it would be better to start adding one on […]

WWA Retribution: Two Debuting Guys Fight For One Of The World Titles

WWA: The Retribution Date: February 9, 2003 (Taped December 6, 2002) Location: Scottish Exhibition and Conference Center, Glasgow, Scotland Attendance: 3,000 Commentators: Jeremy Borash, Disco Inferno Amazingly enough this company has made it through a year plus and are touring Europe as of this show. The main event is Luger vs. Sting for the vacant […]

On This Day: April 19, 2009 – Lockdown 2009: Foley’s Final Last Hurrah

Lockdown 2009 Date: April 19, 2009 Location: Liacouras Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Attendance: 4,500 Commentators: Mike Tenay, Don West I’m doing this one for two reasons. First of all I want to get some more TNA shows done. Second, I read Foley’s book recently and I wanted to see how this match holds up by his […]

TNA Weekly PPV #12: More Brian Lawler Than You Could Ever Need

TNA Weekly PPV #12 Date: September 18, 2002 Location: Tennessee State Fairgrounds Arena, Nashville, Tennessee Commentators: Don West, Mike Tenay Yes indeed I’m still doing these shows even though I haven’t done one since about Thanksgiving. I have no idea what’s going on at this point in TNA given how long it’s been, but apparently […]

On This Day: April 15, 2007 – Lockdown 2007: Blindfolds and Electric Cages

Lockdown 2007 Date: April 15, 2007 Location: Family Arena, Saint Charles, Missouri Attendance: 6,000 Commentators: Mike Tenay, Don West Back to TNA now for a show that apparently holds the record for highest PPV attendance. This is the usual deal where everything is in a cage. The main event is Lethal Lockdown, which is their […]

On This Day: April 12, 2000 – Thunder: It Takes Guts, Talent and Insanity To Book Like This

Thunder Date: April 12, 2000 Location: World Arena, Colorado Springs, Colorado Attendance: 3,118 Commentators: Tony Schiavone, Mike Tenay, Bobby Heenan, Mark Madden This is another show that I rarely talk about due to the high levels of suck which surround it. This was WCW’s second show and this is from a time period where the […]

On This Day: March 28, 1991 – USWA Championship Wrestling: Tomorrow’s Superstars Today

USWA Championship Wrestling Date: March 28, 1991 Location: USWA Television Studios, Memphis, Tennessee Commentators: Dave Brown, Michael St. John I haven’t done one of these in about two months now. This is the last episode I have at the moment so it’s hard to say when I’ll get back down to Tennessee. I don’t really […]

On This Day: March 19, 2000 – Uncensored: Someone Be Nice And Shoot These Guys Before They Hurt Themselves

Uncensored 2000 Date: March 19, 2000 Location: American Airlines Arena, Miami, Florida Attendance: 5,000 Commentators: Mike Tenay, Mark Madden, Tony Schiavone   Time for the last show in this series as we hit the ugly days of the company. There’s a double main event tonight in the form of Sid vs. Jarrett for the title […]