Monday Night Raw – December 23, 2002: With Bonus Footage and a House Band

Monday Night Raw Date: December 23, 2002 Location: Ford Center, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Commentators: Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler It’s the last regular show of the year as next week is a Best Of special. Thankfully that means one less week of Scott Steiner vs. HHH, who last week reached new levels of suck with a […]

World of Sport – December 31, 2016: I Need to See HHH’s Face After he Watches This

World of Sport Wrestling Date: December 31, 2016 Location: MediaCity Studios, Manchester, England Commentators: Jim Ross, Alex Shane This has been a big request so let’s knock it out. World of Sport was a big British wrestling promotion for years back in the 60s through the 80s and I’m almost certain this is only the […]

Wrestlemania Count-Up – Wrestlemania IX: The Low Point

Wrestlemania IX Date: April 4, 1993 Location: Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas, Nevada Attendance: 16,981 Commentators: Jim Ross, Randy Savage, Bobby Heenan We’re into the Monday Night Raw era as things are definitely shifting to a new generation. The main event tonight is Bret Hart defending the title against the new monster known as Yokozuna. Other […]

Thought of the Day: Natural

Ah the joys of 80s WWF.

Suplex City Mach 1

Thanks to NSL for pointing this out, which he did due to the recommendation from Wrestling Wars, which you should all be listening to.

New Japan Wrestle Kingdom IX: Same Old, Same Old

Wrestle Kingdom IX Date: January 4, 2015 Location: Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan Attendance: 36,000 Commentators: Matt Striker, Jim Ross So yet again I’ve been asked to do the biggest New Japan show of the year. I usually can’t stand doing these because I have no idea what’s going on and I really don’t care to […]

New Column: That’s Japanese For Slobberknocker

Looking at Japan for once.  Well, at least an Oklahoman commentating on a Japanese PPV.

Wrestler of the Day – July 31: Jonathan Coachman

Back to commentary with Jonathan Coachman. Yes he did wrestle.

Wrestler of the Day – July 17: Jim Ross

Today we’re looking at the best commentator of all time: Jim Ross.

Wrestler of the Day – July 15: Al Snow

What does everybody want? Al Snow as Wrestler of the Day!