Kayfabe – A Wrestling Movie

You don’t often get a movie about wrestling and it’s even rarer to have one catering to smarks but that’s what we have here.  It’s certainly low budget but the comedy works and it’s a really easy sit.  You can tell the people who made it put some effort into it and got the idea […]

Thought of the Day: How The Kayfabe Has Fallen

On Impact this last week, Hogan came out with TJ Perkins and said Perkins had always been Suicide.  Why is this such a topic of discussion?

First Intercontinental Title Tournament Brackets FINALLY Revealed

Remember how the Intercontinental Title Tournament in Rio de Janeiro was rumored to be fake?  Well WWE has released the brackets for said tournament, which means it MUST be real.   http://www.wwe.com/classics/intercontinental-title-tournament-finally-uncovered-26102625/page-4   You know, because they wouldn’t lie to us.  This is awesome.

Thought of the Day: Lie To Me WWE! Lie To Me!

This is another sign of the times and it’s something else where they need to take the lead from old school.