You Know What Would Make A Good Christmas Present?

An e-book (Or a paperback book.  Or both.) about wrestling.  Say by someone who watches a lot of it.  Even if it’s late, it’s the thought that counts.   I’ve got nearly thirty different subjects to pick from so there must be something you’ll like.

Your Chance To Tell Me What I Should Do

What changes should I make? So the other night, someone left me a comment (politely) saying that my older reviews were better/more entertaining than the current ones. I tend to agree with this, but I’m not entirely sure how to fix it. I know I used to get more annoyed and angry at a lot […]

History of Saturday Night’s Main Event and Clash of the Champions Now in Paperback, Plus Price Drops

Before we get to these new ones, a quick update: I’ve lowered the prices on all of the books. I was looking at them the other day and the prices were just too high. I probably wouldn’t pay that much for them and I have no idea why anyone else should be expected to either. […]

So This Happened

I’ll never top this as a wrestling fan.  Ever. Signed 30 years to the day. Taken while a Hart Foundation match with Jimmy managing was playing on a TV just over my left shoulder.  He seemed rather excited.

Greetings From Orlando

So in case I forgot to mention it, I’m back at Wrestlemania this year but since the wife is visiting family, I can go to WAY more stuff than I did last year.  On the schedule this year: Minimum of 3 signings (might be four depending on time) Two indy shows Axxess Wrestlecon Takeover Wrestlemania […]

So These Now Exist

And they still make my head spin.  

Merry Christmas Everyone

Hope you all had a good one.   KB and Mrs. KB

Send In Podcast Questions

We’re recording tonight so let me know what you want NorCal and I to talk about.

Send In Your Questions For Wrestling Wars Podcast

NorCal and I are recording tonight so send us in questions for the mailbag segment.

Wrestling Wars Podcast Episode 48

Clash of Champions, Raw, HAHA TNA and our first Mailbag segment.   Remember to send in your questions for this week’s show!  We already answered some of the questions on this show and we’ll be doing it every week going forward.