Wrestler of the Day – November 21: Nikolai Volkoff

Time for a 300lb Lithuanian in Nikolai Volkoff.

Wrestler of the Day – June 28: Hart Foundation

The pink and black attack is back with the Hart Foundation.

Wrestler of the Day – January 12: Killer Bees

Today we look at a tag team due to one of its members (B. Brian Blair) having a birthday: it’s the Killer Bees.

Survivor Series Count-Up – 1987: The Only Time The Main Event Was Used Properly

Back in the 80s, PPV didn’t mean nearly as much as it did today. Until November of 1987, there was only one WWF PPV a year and that was Wrestlemania. Wrestlemania 3 was a huge success and it was clear that Wrestlemania 4 would be big too. Finally it dawned on them: why not do […]

Hart Foundation: Before They Were Awesome

Hart Foundation Host: Craig DeGeorge Commentators: Vince McMahon, Jesse Ventura, Alfred Hayes, Gorilla Monsoon, Bobby Heenan This is something I haven’t done in a good while: an old Coliseum Video. The tape is exactly what it sounds like: a profile on the Hart Foundation featuring matches and interviews. I guess I can force myself to […]

On This Day: March 15, 1987 – WWF Toronto House Show: Back When Tag Wrestling Was Sweet

Toronto House Show Date: March 15, 1987 Location: Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, Ontario, Canada Commentators: Gorilla Monsoon, Jimmy Hart, Johnny V Now as anyone that has read my reviews knows, I am obsessed with house shows from the old days, especially the late 80s. This is 2 weeks before Mania III, but it’s not your […]

WWF House Show – September 18, 1987: The Worst Kind Of Show

WWF House Show Date: September 18, 1987 Location: Philadelphia Spectrum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Attendance: 9,000 Commentators: Gorilla Monsoon, Dick Graham This is a time when the WWF was in a holding pattern as we were well past Wrestlemania III but we weren’t close enough to Survivor Series yet to talk about it. Therefore the main event […]

Superstars of Wrestling – October 4, 1986: Weakest Show Yet

Superstars of Wrestling Date: October 4, 1986 Location: Baltimore Arena, Baltimore, Maryland Attendance: 7000 Commentators: Bruno Sammartino, Jesse Ventura, Vince McMahon Back with the last episode of this series that I have at the moment, although that’s likely to change. With Superstars there isn’t much you can predict as far as matches, but I would […]