On This Day: June 29, 2008 – Night of Champions: Cena vs. HHH. Again.

Night of Champions 2008 Date: June 29, 2008 Location: American Airlines Center, Dallas, Texas Attendance: 16,151 Commentators: Jerry Lawler, Mike Adamle, Jim Ross, Joey Styles, Tazz, Mick Foley So after the whole Benoit thing, they guys decided that calling it VENGEANCE was a bad idea so Night of Champions was born. This is kind of […]

Smackdown – May 24, 2013: Dig That Fast Paced Smackdown

Smackdown Date: May 24, 2013 Location: CenturyLink Center Omaha, Omaha, Nebraska Commentators: Michael Cole, Josh Matthews, John Bradshaw Layfield We’re past Extreme Rules and the main story is of course HHH. He collapsed at the end of Raw while Curtis Axel was laying in the ring with no one paying a bit of attention to […]

Monday Night Raw – May 20, 2013: What’s In A Name? Not Much Unless It’s HHH.

Monday Night Raw Date: May 20, 2013 Location: Sprint Center, Kansas City, Missouri Commentators: Michael Cole, John Bradshaw Layfield, Jerry Lawler It’s the night after Extreme Rules and we have some major developments. First and foremost, Shield has possession of the US and Tag Team Titles, giving them their first gold and making them look […]

Smackdown – May 10, 2013: Careful Ryback. You Might Be Getting Interesting.

Smackdown Date: May 10, 2013 Location: PNC Arena, Raleigh, North Carolina Commentators: Michael Cole, John Bradshaw Layfield, Josh Mathews With only two Smackdowns left until Extreme Rules, the biggest question is obvious: will more furniture be destroyed here tonight? Oh wait this is Smackdown, meaning Lesnar and HHH will never appear here. Anyway tonight we’re […]

Thought of the Day: Mix It Up A Bit

This occurred to me during Raw and while I was watching an old Nitro.  As opposed to the new Nitros that is.

On This Day: April 8, 2011 – Smackdown 2011: Edge’s Last Show As Champion

Smackdown Date: April 8, 2011 Location: Times Union Center, Charlotte, North Carolina Commentators: Michael Cole, Booker T, Josh Matthews   We’re kind of in the new year here on Fridays as Edge is still World Champion. Tonight we’ll probably start the build to Extreme Rules. Since we’ve kind of passed go here, it’s rather hard […]

On This Day: March 16, 2012 – Smackdown: Back When AJ Was Interesting

Smackdown Date: March 16, 2012 Location: Nationwide Arena, Columbus, Ohio Commentators: Michael Cole, Booker T, Josh Matthews It’s that time of the week again. It’s time for absolutely nothing being done about Bryan vs. Sheamus because that match means nothing in the grand scheme of Wrestlemania. Odds are we’ll hear more about the battling GM’s […]

Better Rumble Save: Morrison Or Kingston?

These two spots both blew my mind at the time and I can’t pick which is better.  What do you think?  Here they are:

On This Day: January 7, 2011 – Smackdown: Why Smackdown Used To Be Amazing

Smackdown Date: January 7, 2011 Location: Tucson Convention Center, Tucson, Arizona Commentators: Michael Cole, Matt Striker, Josh Matthews In the first show of the year we have the World Heavyweight Championship on the line in a last man standing match as well as Alberto vs. Rey in a 2/3 falls contest.  The most intriguing thing […]

Smackdown – January 4, 2013: So If Monday Was Raw, This Must Be Cooked

Smackdown Date: January 4, 2013 Location: Richmond Coliseum, Richmond, Virginia Commentators: John Bradshaw Layfield, Josh Matthews Welcome to the day of the year where more stuff happens in wrestling than any other. Whether it be the NJPW supershow or the Fingerpoke of Doom or Foley winning the title or Hogan debuting on Impact or Bret […]