Smackdown – September 4, 2009: Smackdown Used To Be AWESOME

Smackdown Date: September 4, 2009 Location: Quicken Loans Arena, Cleveland, Ohio Commentators: Jim Ross, Todd Grisham This is on the request list for one reason: Mysterio vs. Morrison. Mysterio had been wellnessed while still being the Intercontinental Champion, so a match was thrown together and was a match of the year candidate. Other than that […]

ECW on Sci-Fi – September 26, 2006: Hardcore Holly’s Best Match Ever. No Seriously, It’s Really Good.

ECW on Sci-Fi Date: September 26, 2006 Location: Tulsa Convention Center, Tulsa, Oklahoma Commentators: Joey Styles, Taz We’re in Oklahoma so I’ll bet JR gets messed with somehow tonight. Other than that we’ve got a world title match with the most decorated former world champion in ECW history, the Sandman, challenging Big Show. Other than […]

ECW on Sci-Fi – August 22, 2006: A Big Change In Style

ECW on Sci-Fi Date: August 22, 2006 Location: Verizon Center, Washington D.C. Attendance: 8,500 Commentators: Joey Styles, Tazz We’re back for another episode and it’s the last show before Summerslam. That being said, Big Show needs an opponent. We saw the return of Rob Van Dam last week to attack both Big Show and Sabu, […]

ECW on Sci-Fi – July 25, 2006: It Took Them Two Months But Things Are Starting To Come Together

ECW on Sci-Fi Date: July 25, 2006 Location: Joe Louis Arena, Detroit, Michigan Commentators: Joey Styles, Tazz We’re in Detroit tonight and the challenger of the week is Kane in an Extreme Rules match. That’s an interesting idea as there’s no better way to have someone built up as a monster than by having them […]

ECW on Sci-Fi – July 18, 2006: Sabu Has A Wrestling Match

ECW on Sci-Fi Date: July 18, 2006 Location: American Bank Center, Corpus Christi, Texas Commentators: Joey Styles, Tazz Back to the tribe of extreme for the show that is the hardest of all of the ones I review to find. This is I think the sixth episode of the show and it’s still in the […]