King Barrett Reportedly Leaving WWE In June   And…..I’m not sure why people would care.  Barrett has been floating around the midcard for years now, picking up the Intercontinental Title here and there before dropping it for another injury.  Ever since he didn’t win the World Title back in 2010.  After that he was just a guy who didn’t win the […]

Blue Pants Done With NXT I can accept this.  She’s great at popping the crowd but why should she take a spot that could go to others who are actually signed to the company?   Update: On Twitter, Leva said “don’t believe everything you read.”  There might be more to this so maybe we get the Big Cass intro […]

Two More Names Done With TNA

More spoilers of course.

Three Former World Champions Allegedly Finishing Up With TNA

And that’s not all for them.  Spoilers for the recent tapings included.

ODB Gone From TNA

In case you thought the Knockouts division was too deep.  This one isn’t the biggest loss in the world as ODB hasn’t meant much in awhile, but it’s yet another name leaving.  That’s becoming way too common a headline.

Bully Ray Reportedly Gone From TNA

They’re going to have to push some new stars at some point.  Either that or it’s going to be the Eric Young Show soon.  This one is a surprise.

Chris Sabin Done With TNA

My goodness he’s set the bar high for most meaningless World Title reign.

Vickie Guerrero Leaving WWE

Even today I’ve got news. Word on the street is that she’s getting into another business and is leaving after tonight.  I haven’t seen anything that says there’s heat on either side so she would likely be welcomed back in the future.  She got on my nerves at times but she played her role VERY […]

Ric Flair and Alex Shelley Both Reportedly Gone From TNA

Source Flair, spending too much money and partying too much? You don’t say! Can’t blame Shelley. He’s basically been made to sit around since Sabin got hurt and now that he’s back they’ve been a guest on Hogan’s Reality Show and that’s about it. He can make far more money in the WWE midcard anyway. […]