Went to Takeover: Orlando

I took in Takeover tonight and, after going to see Dallas last year, this had a lot to live up to…..and it really didn’t come close. This will be the short version and I’ll get the regular review up ASAP, though the hotel’s wi-fi is spotty at best so please bear with me.

Quick Wrestlemania Notes

We’re home and exhausted from a VERY long show, which was an absolute blast live. I’ll have a more in depth discussion of the show tomorrow but here are some highlights in no order.

Went To Ring Of Honor Supercard of Honor VIII

I didn’t take notes so my memory isn’t going to be perfect.  These are the mental notes I took and I’ll save the full breakdown for later.  Also I took about 20 pictures but the cord for the camera is about 750 miles away so you’ll have to wait on those.