ECW on TNN – May 26, 2000: Out Of Mothballs

ECW on TNN Date: May 26, 2000 Location: Gwinnett Civic Center, Duluth, Georgia Commentators: Joel Gertner, Joey Styles So I got a big start on this series and had twenty episodes to go when I took a bit of a break. That was nearly two years ago so I figured I might as well get […]

Wrestler of the Day – January 24: Mike Awesome

After a trip to England it’s back to America with one of the hardest hitting guys you’ll ever find in a wrestling ring: Hulk Hogan’s cousin (by marriage I believe), Mike Awesome.

ECW on TNN – March 17, 2000: The Great Divide

ECW on TNN Date: March 17, 2000 Location: Asbury Park Convention Center, Asbury Park, New Jersey Attendance: 2,300 Commentators: Joel Gertner, Joey Styles It’s the show after Living Dangerously and a few things have changed. First and foremost, Super Crazy of all people won the TV Title, beating Rhyno in the finals. We also have […]

On This Day: September 19, 1999 – Anarchy Rulz 1999: Goodbye Taz, Goodbye Sanity

Anarchy Rulz 1999 Date: September 19, 1999 Location: Odeum Expo Center, Villa Park, Illinois Attendance: 6,000 Commentators: Joey Styles, Cyrus And so it dies here. No not the company as they held onto life, if you want to call it that, for about another 16 months after this. Taz leaves here though, as WWF came […]

ECW on TNN – March 10, 2000: In Search Of A New Wrestling Mastermind

ECW on TNN Date: March 10, 2000 Location: ECW Arena, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Attendance: 1,500 Commentators: Joel Gertner, Joey Styles It’s the go home show for Living Dangerously and the main story….is up for debate actually. It could be Dreamer and Tanaka winning the tag titles on a fluke last week. It could be (and likely […]

ECW on TNN – March 3, 2000: ECW Can Bend Time And Space

ECW on TNN Date: March 3, 2000 Location: The Rave, Milwaukee, Wisconsin Attendance: 2,250 Commentators: Joey Styles, Joel Gertner This show has to be better that last week’s. Literally, it’s not possible to produce a show worse than last week’s so soon thereafter. We still don’t have anything announced for the PPV which is in […]

ECW on TNN – February 18, 2000: With The Only Meaningless Conchairto In History

ECW on TNN Date: February 18, 2000 Location: Tallahassee Civic Center, Tallahassee, Florida Attendance: 2,000 Commentators: Joel Gertner, Joey Styles The main story coming out of last week’s show was Rhyno and Corino going after Dusty Rhodes with Sandman making the save. Odds are we won’t hear about that tonight due to it being the […]

ECW on TNN – September 10, 1999: Jerry Lynn vs. Rob Van Dam

ECW on TNN Date: September 10, 1999 Location: Lost Battalion Hall, New York City, New York Attendance: 1000 Commentators: Joey Styles, Joel Gertner Back with episode three as we keep getting closer to Anarchy Rulz. The Dudleys are officially gone so we move into a new era. Our main event tonight is RVD vs. Jerry […]