Meltzer Says Impact Has Been Canceled

Obviously take this with a pound of salt, but allegedly Destination America has canceled the show and it’s done in September.  Apparently the ratings have been strong but not strong enough to warrant the money put in.  No word on if this is true or if it’s going to stand up going forward, but if […]

Wrestling Observer Newsletter Awards – 2014

They’re out again and as usual here are my thoughts on each one of them.  After reading these, I’m very glad I watched Wrestle Kingdom.

It’s John Cena’s World

And they’re just wrestling in it.

Thought of the Day: On The Outside Looking In

It’s their world and we’re just watching it.

WWE To Earn Approximately $20 Million From Sponsorships

According to Meltzer.  That would be  almost TRIPLE what they were making in 2008, and that’s why you’re going to see WWE PG for a long, long time.  This is another one of those facts that shouldn’t surprise anyone who understands basic business.

TNA Running Two House Shows In October

According to Meltzer it’s a cost cutting measure.  That’s a bad sign if they’re so tight for money they can’t run house shows.  I was at a show a few months ago and a TNA employee asked me to write up a good report for them on the internet.  The fact that they’re relying on […]

2012 Wrestling Observer Newsletter Awards Announced

Oh boy you know I look forward to these.  I’ll give my thoughts on most of them but I’ll be omitting the MMA stuff because, unlike Meltzer’s site, I actually talk about wrestling and only wrestling.  Second and third place listed in order in parentheses.  Let’s get to it.

Thought of the Day: Meltzer And PPV Attendances

As some of you may know, Dave Meltzer has a habit of complaining about WWE lying about its PPV attendances. What I want to know is why is this such a big deal? Wrestling is based on lies, so why is lying about PPV attendances any different?

2011 Wrestling Observer Newsletter Awards Announced

I’ll give some quick thoughts on them here. A few quick notes though: