Radio Appearance Call In Information

As I mentioned I’ll be on the Mouth of the South Shore Radio Show live tonight at 10pm EST.  It now features live calls and you can get on the show and ask myself and the host (a bright fellow in his own right) whatever you like.  I’m sure we’ll have a lot to cover […]

Back On The Radio Tomorrow

I’ll be returning to the Mouth of the South Shore tomorrow night at about 10pm EST.  If you’re interested, you’ll be able to call in to the show and ask myself and the hosts whatever you’ve got on your mind.  I’ll have the details for you tomorrow but make sure to check it out as […]

Full Mouth of the South Shore Appearance

It runs just under two and a half hours but it covers a lot of ground including Raw, Wrestlemania XXXI and Perro Aguayo.  I’m on there the entire time.  

KB Makes Wrestlemania Predictions

Tonight on the Mouth of the South Shore Radio Show.  You can listen to it here:   The show is always cool and I’ve been on it a few times.  The host is a regular commenter here and worth checking out.  The show will also be available on demand after it airs tonight.  […]

Remember That TNA Access Thing I Mentioned?

Well it’s starting to come to fruition.  One of the co-hosts of the show I’ve been on before got an interview with Jeff Jarrett, which can be heard here: To help support their efforts to get more access like this (and potentially to have me getting the same access), check them out at: […]

Want To Hear KB Talk To TNA Wrestlers?

It’s a possibility actually. As you may know, I’m a semi-regular guest on the Mouth of the South Shore Radio Show.  The network that airs the show is being considered to receive media access to TNA, meaning some of their talent will appear on the show.  However, they need more social media activity to get […]

I’m Doing A Live Radio Show Tonight

I’ll be back on the Mouth of the South Shore Radio Show at approximately 11:30pm EST tonight.  The show is live so we’ll have Raw to discuss plus of course the Punk interview.  I’ve been on the show before and it’s always a good talk, as hosted by one of the commenters here on the […]

Oh Radio Tell Me Everything You Know

I’ll be on the Mouth of the South Shore tonight to talk about a variety of things, including an entertaining rant about CM Punk.  The show airs on the Armed Forces Radio Network tonight at 9:30 pm EST and can be found here.   Also, do me a favor and like their Facebook […]

Going On The Radio Again

And this time it’s going international.

Win Free ROH Death Before Dishonor XI Tickets!

Some friends of the site are running a giveaway for two tickets to ROH’s big show this coming Friday night.  This would be the show featuring the semi-finals and finals of the ROH World Title Tournament, meaning if you go to this show you will see a new world champion crowned.   Here’s what you […]