Thoughts on the 2016 Wrestling Observer Newsletter Awards

Don’t these usually come out earlier? These are Meltzer and Company’s awards (yes I’m aware his readers vote on them and if you believe that he doesn’t influence voting, you’re really missing the obvious) and I’ve jotted down a few thoughts on each. These aren’t meant to be any kind of in depth analysis and […]

Best of 2016: News Story of the Year

This is always a trick one to define. Sometimes there are stories that mean something outside of the ring and often times, those are even bigger stories than anything between the ropes. There were a fair few stories like that this year and for once they don’t all pertain to WWE. These stories are in […]

Wrestling Wars Podcast Episode 35

NorCal, Shocky and I talk about one of the biggest news weeks in a long time.

Ring of Honor TV – October 7, 2015: The Michael Bay of Wrestling

Ring of Honor Date: October 7, 2015 Location: MCU Park, Brooklyn, New York Attendance: 2,000 Commentators: Prince Nana, Kevin Kelly, King Corino This is a special change of pace as Ring of Honor held an event called Field of Honor at a baseball stadium in Brooklyn back in August. Therefore tonight, we’ll be taking a […]

Thought of the Day: Appreciating vs. Liking

This is one of those things that wrestling fans will never seem to understand but I’ll keep trying to explain it.

Wrestler of the Day – March 8: Bad News Brown

I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news for you today: the Wrestler of the Day is Bad News Brown.

2013 Wrestling Observer Newsletter Awards Announced

Dave Meltzer’s WON Awards are out so it’s time to see how much he loves Japan this year. I’ll include my winners as well and my thoughts on his, though keep in mind I don’t watch puro and I’m only a casual MMA fan at best. Also before I start, I’m well aware that Meltzer’s […]