Wrestle Kingdom XII: Aww Here It Goes

Wrestle Kingdom XII Date: January 4, 2018 Location: Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan Attendance: 34,995 Commentators: Kevin Kelly, Don Callis It’s that that day of the year (not even time for this show) as we’re at New Japan’s biggest show of the year. The main event is IWGP World Champion Kazuchika Okada defending against former champion […]

New Column: That One Day in January

What is up with January 4? http://wrestlingrumors.net/kbs-review-one-day-january/

Daily News Update – December 10, 2016

When Could Chris Jericho Be Leaving WWE? http://wrestlingrumors.net/when-could-chris-jericho-be-leaving-wwe/ What Other Gimmicks Were Considered for Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks? December 7, 2016. http://wrestlingrumors.net/what-other-gimmicks-were-considered-for-charlotte-vs-sasha-banks/ Two NXT Tag Team Title Matches Announced. December 8, 2016. http://wrestlingrumors.net/two-nxt-tag-team-title-matches-announced/ Update on the NXT Title Situation. December 8, 2016. http://wrestlingrumors.net/update-on-the-nxt-title-situation/ Ring of Honor Title to be Defended at “Wrestle Kingdom 11.” December […]

Ring of Honor TV – May 11, 2016: If They Don’t Care, Then I Don’t Care

Ring of Honor Date: May 11, 2016 Hosts: Mandy Leon, Kevin Kelly It’s a special preview show for the Global Wars pay per view which has likely already aired assuming you don’t have this show in syndication. The only match announced for the show is Jay Lethal defending the World Title against the returning Colt […]

Ring of Honor TV – April 27, 2016: ROH Doing New Japan The WWE Way

Ring of Honor Date: April 27, 2016 Location: Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, Japan Attendance: 1,367 Commentators: Kevin Kelly, Mr. Wrestling 3 We’re still in Japan and back in February with more matches from Honor Rising 2016. At this point you almost have to expect Ring of Honor to skip most of the Dallas stuff and just […]

2015 Awards: Best Major Show

This is always a big one.

Wrestling Observer Newsletter Awards – 2014

They’re out again and as usual here are my thoughts on each one of them.  After reading these, I’m very glad I watched Wrestle Kingdom.

New Column: That’s Japanese For Slobberknocker

Looking at Japan for once.  Well, at least an Oklahoman commentating on a Japanese PPV.   http://www.wrestlingrumors.net/kbs-review-thats-japanese-slobberknocker/31370/

Wrestler of the Day – October 15: Funaki

Today’s Wrestler of the Day loves the way Stallone says YO in Rocky: Funaki.

Wrestler of the Day – September 3: Tensai

Today is old 8 3/8 himself, Albert.