Wrestling Wars Podcast Episode 29

With both myself and Shocky at the same time.  This week, we explain why WWE is being stupid all over again, plus why NXT could be the greatest thing since Sliced Bread #1. http://mightynorcal.podbean.com/e/wwp-29-survivor-series-preview-with-both-somehow-kb-and-the-shockmastera-special-triple-threat-episode/

Wrestling Wars Podcast Episode 25

The show is back after a hiatus with new guest X-Fear and a movie discussion.  And of course wrestling. http://mightynorcal.podbean.com/e/wpp-26-the-return-a-very-special-halloween-edition-featuring-our-ivy-league-educated-film-buff-and-lover-of-horror-x-fear-spooky-stuff-and-horror-movie-reccommendations/

Wrestling Wars Podcast Episodes 22 and 23

First up we have NorCal and Shockmaster previewing Summerslam and Takeover: Brooklyn before paying tribute to Roddy Piper.   http://mightynorcal.podbean.com/e/wwp-22-roddy-piper-memorial-plus-summerslam-and-nxt-takover-preview-with-wrestling-professor-the-shockmaster/   Then we have NorCal and myself in a quick shot of ripping on Kevin Dunn, TNA and the Divas.   http://mightynorcal.podbean.com/e/wwp-23-wrestling-news-with-kb-and-preview-of-the-nfc-east-with-ty-burna/   Finally, remember to check out the Wrestling Bundle this week, starting at […]

Wrestling Wars Podcast Episode 8

We’re back after NorCal’s work schedule has cleaned up.  Tonight we talk about Takeover, the NXT house show NorCal went to and a good discussion on the territory system and why the future looks bright.   http://mightynorcal.podbean.com/e/wwp-is-back-with-episode-8-kb-returns-to-review-takeover-and-listen-to-me-regale-you-all-with-my-nxt-live-event-experience-plus-network-reccomendations/

Wrestling Wars Podcast Episode #4

NorCal and I break down Extreme Rules, talk about some NXT news and look at the week’s top stories.  We even disagree about something for once.   http://mightynorcal.podbean.com/e/wwp-episode-4-kb-is-back-extreme-rules-review-nxt-highlights-and-the-top-wrestling-news-stories-of-the-week/

Wrestling Wars Podcast Episode #1

Is now online.  Come here the Mighty Norcal and KB talk about the week in review and KB himself because I’m an interesting creature dare I say so myself.  The show runs just over an hour and the audio is far better than I was expecting it to be with just two fans talking about […]