New Column: Happy (and Sad) Holidays

Since everyone has already talked about Goldberg vs. Lesnar (which I’ll get to when I can wrap my head around the thing), here’s something a little lighter this week.

NWA World Championship Wrestling Being Added To The Network

I’m talking the TBS show from 1986-1988.  This is the treat that a lot of old school fans have been waiting on as it’s the opposite of what you see today.  These shows were almost entirely built around the promos to make you pay for the house shows later.  The idea of seeing big names […]

Thought of the Day: Building Up The Myth

You know what move didn’t really do jack?

NWA San Francisco TV – July 1, 1979: I Think There’s Something Wrong With Him

San Francisco TV Date: July 1, 1978 Location: KXTV Studios, Sacramento, California Commentator: Hank Renner I had a good time with the previous show and I’m assuming this is the followup. I’m guessing we won’t be seeing Piper or Race here as it was rare to see the same lineup week after week. It was […]

NWA San Francisco TV – June 24, 1978: Roddy Piper Thinks Someone Is Crazy

San Francisco TV Date: June 24, 1978 Location: KXTV Studios, Sacramento, California Commentator: Hank Renner This is an interesting case as it’s pure territory days with Roy Shire’s San Francisco area. The big star here would be a young Roddy Piper, who was tearing up southern California before heading up to Portland and then on […]

New Column: An Old School Reality Star Climbs A Ladder To Fight A Mutant Japanese Barbershop Quintet. And Kofi Kingston

Some might call this a mixed bag.  Others might call it an overly long title that isn’t as funny as I was hoping.

Tommy Rogers of the Fantastics Passes Away At age 54 due to unknown causes.  The Fantastics were my favorite NWA tag team (aside from the Road Warriors of course) and Tommy is the first person I’ve ever heard of using the move that would become the Killswitch/Unprettier (Tomikaze).

Wrestler of the Day – December 29: Kevin Sullivan

Today we’re looking at a guy who was small but tough: Kevin Sullivan.

Wrestler of the Day – December 18: Dick Slater

Today we’re looking at the man who might have been the inspiration for Heath Slater: Dick Slater. That might not be inaccurate actually as they were both from the south/country, both guys were known for their punching (Slater was a Golden Gloves Champion) and….well they’re both named Slater. Slater got started back in the early […]

Wrestler of the Day – December 15: Terry Taylor

This is one of those wrestlers that I really don’t care for all that much: Terry Taylor.