Some More Wrestling Books

Ok so I might be cheating on one of these but three sounds better than two.

Monday Night Raw – January 4, 1999: He Did It

Monday Night Raw Date: January 4, 1999 Location: DCU Center, Worcester, Massachusetts Attendance: 10,668 Commentators: Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler This is the Raw from the same night as the Fingerpoke of Doom and of course features Mankind winning his first world title. The rest of the show is more or less forgotten and since this […]

Wrestler of the Day – August 7: Sgt. Slaughter

ATTEN-HUT! Today is Sgt. Slaughter.

Wrestler of the Day – August 2: Bob Backlund

We’re going old school today with a man I met three times over Wrestlemania weekend: Bob Backlund.

Wrestler of the Day – January 20: Pat Patterson

Next up we have Pat Patterson, who has a nice variety of stuff.

First Intercontinental Title Tournament Brackets FINALLY Revealed

Remember how the Intercontinental Title Tournament in Rio de Janeiro was rumored to be fake?  Well WWE has released the brackets for said tournament, which means it MUST be real.   You know, because they wouldn’t lie to us.  This is awesome.