Back on the Impacto Estelar Podcast

It’s a fun chat as someone who calls me his mentor (egads the problems that man must have) and I talk about Raw 2002, some events from this week and wrestling in Puerto Rico.  Plus a bit of my backstory if you’ve never heard it before.  Please bear with us on some of the technical […]

Back on the PPW Podcast

  This is one of my favorite shows to be on as the host is one of the best read fans I’ve ever talked to.  We’re going over all things Summerslam for an hour with a look at this year’s card plus our favorite matches and shows from history.  Check it out as it’s definitely […]

Appearance on the Positively Pro Wrestling Podcast

I recently got to be a guest on a fairly new show with the idea of being positive instead of bashing everything WWE does.  We’re talking about Wrestlemania experiences and I talk about what it was like being at Wrestlemania XXX and XXXII.  The host is a very smart guy and it was a lot […]

Attack On Wrestling Podcast Live Episode #2

I appeared on this show with Killjoy last Saturday night and completely forgot to mention it.  It’s the two of us talking about Wrestlemania weekend and my experiences there.  There are some tech issues at the start but give it some time.    

KB On Attack On Wrestling Podcast

As hosted by Killjoy, I go on and on for about two hours and forty minutes on whatever topics come to mind.

Obtuse Wrestling Angles Podcast Appearance This is my third appearance on the show in which we discuss some TNA.  Note that this was recorded back in July so some of the jokes might be a bit dated.  Also keep in mind that this is NOT safe for work.

Obtuse Wrestling Angles Podcast Part 2

I’m on the show again and this was recorded back in late July.  Again these are NOT safe for work.   Here’s the first show if you missed it.

Appearance On The Obtuse Wrestling Angle Podcast

You might not have heard of this one but it’s definitely worth checking out.  They’ve had some major guests like Brutus Beefcake and John Morrison but I was their first in studio guest.  This was recorded in the studio of the morning radio show I’ve listened to for over thirteen years now and it was […]

Wrestling Wars Podcast Episode 24

NorCal and I have a long chat about Summerslam, Takeover: Brooklyn and a bit about Raw.

Wrestling Wars Podcast Episodes 22 and 23

First up we have NorCal and Shockmaster previewing Summerslam and Takeover: Brooklyn before paying tribute to Roddy Piper.   Then we have NorCal and myself in a quick shot of ripping on Kevin Dunn, TNA and the Divas.   Finally, remember to check out the Wrestling Bundle this week, starting at […]