Night of Champions 2015 Preview

I’ve been very impressed by this year’s build. Night of Champions is one of those shows that I don’t care about most of the time but this year they’ve managed to make me want to see where it’s going. I don’t think it’s going to be a classic or anything but it’s better than most […]

Battleground 2015 Preview

Maybe it’s just where I’ve been away for a bit but it doesn’t feel like it’s time for a pay per view. To be fair though, WWE doesn’t seem to know either, because it’s the day before the show and we’ve got a five match card. While I’m sure there will be some fixes made […]

Money in the Bank 2015 Preview

We’re up to another show here and I’m not the most interested. However, this is more like the TLC and Extreme Rules shows: if you just let the gimmicks carry the show, everything should fall into place (and off the top of the ladders). Hopefully we get a cash in on the night of the […]

Elimination Chamber 2015 Preview

It’s time for a “let’s get people to watch the Network and hope they don’t remember to cancel their free month in the hour they have after the show goes off the air” show that they’re calling a pay per view. This is going to be an interesting show as they only have two weeks […]

Payback 2015 Preview

I know I’m not the biggest fan of the current product, but this show actually gives me hope. I didn’t expect anything the first two years they ran this show and they were both excellent surprises. It’s way too soon after Extreme Rules and way too close to Elimination Chamber, but maybe they can pull […]

Extreme Rules 2015 Preview

This isn’t going to be the longest one in the world as NorCal and I already did the full podcast preview for this show. In case you didn’t listen to that show for some reason (and you should. Check it and the other episodes here, here’s a shorter than normal version.

Wrestlemania XXXI Preview: General Thoughts

What else is left?

Wrestlemania XXXI Preview: WWE World Heavyweight Title: Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns

And then there’s this.

Wrestlemania XXXI Preview: Sting vs. HHH

Let’s get something out of the way first.

Wrestlemania XXXI Preview: Intercontinental Title

Reach for the sky.