Fastlane 2017 Preview

It’s time for the final pit stop on the Road to Wrestlemania because “Monday Night Raw” has to have its own pay per view because “Smackdown Live” did as well. I’ve made no secret of the fact that I have little interest in seeing this show and I’m worried about how the main event is […]

Elimination Chamber 2017 Preview

We’re two weeks removed from one of the biggest shows of the year and that means we’re ready for another major pay per view which will likely change the way “Wrestlemania XXXIII” looks. That’s right, it’s time for “Elimination Chamber 2017”, a “Smackdown Live” show with two matches containing eighteen wrestlers between them. It’s a […]

Royal Rumble 2017 Preview

I really need to stop doing these when I’m half asleep, causing me to not post them on here on time.  Here it is for the sake of completion though. This might be my favorite show of the year. There’s something so simple about the idea of a bunch of people being in the ring […]

NXT Takeover: San Antonio Preview

It’s that time again as NXT will be taking over another Saturday night before we get to one of the Big Four pay per views. Unfortunately this show hasn’t had the best build in the world and a lot of that is due to a combination of the talent being taken up to the main […]

Roadbloack: End of the Line 2016 Preview

It’s time for Roadblock and that means… that doesn’t mean we’re a month away from Wrestlemania. No actually it means WWE is really stupid for using the same name twice in a year when there are plenty of other names available for this show. I mean, was Vengeance taken? Or No Way Out? Or We […]

Tables, Ladders and Chairs 2016 Preview

It’s been long enough since the last pay per view right? I mean, two weeks is more than enough time to get ready for the next big show. This Sunday we have “Tables, Ladders and Chairs 2016” from “Smackdown Live”, meaning it’s time for the big gimmick based show with all the matches built around […]

Survivor Series 2016 Preview

For only the second time in history, WWE has a pay per view series reach thirty entries as we arrive at Survivor Series 2016. In what is the most important thing a Survivor Series can do, there’s actually something on the line here, albeit just bragging rights, as Smackdown faces off with Raw in a […]

Takeover: Toronto Preview

For the first time ever, it’s an NXT Takeover in the Great White North and, in another first, it’s an NXT Takeover on Survivor Series weekend. As is usually the case, this isn’t feeling like a huge show on paper but there’s a good chance that NXT is going to surprise us again because that’s […]

Hell in a Cell 2016 Preview

It’s time, once again, for that Halloween spectacle where WWE takes one of their biggest concepts and does it three times in one night before wondering why the thrill and mystique left so very long ago. It’s time for “Hell in a Cell 2016” with three matches taking place inside the Cell, plus a handful […]

No Mercy 2016 Preview

We’re already at the second Smackdown only pay per view and the card is already stronger than the “Backlash 2016” offering. If nothing else they already have more matches set up for this show, meaning we probably won’t have to sit through a ten minute opening segment and no team is going to have to […]