New E-Book: WWE Grab Bag

Over the years WWE has aired a lot of pay per views and major shows. You’ve probably seen most of the big ones, be it Wrestlemania, the Royal Rumble, Summerslam or Survivor Series. Those shows are always hyped up and treated as the biggest shows of the year but what about the other shows? Just […]

Reviewing the Review: Hell in a Cell 2014

So the annual Cell show has come and gone and as expected, a lot has changed coming out of the show. There were two main events inside the big cage and only one of them really belonged there. The big question was which match was ending the show as Orton vs. Cena has a chance […]

Thought of the Day: The Hardest Working Man In The Business Today

It’s not who you would expect.

WWE Fourth Quarter Financial Report

Good stuff for the company.

WWE Network Officially Announced, Also Known As THE BEST THING EVER

It launches next month in America, later elsewhere.  Here are all the details thanks to

TNA Cutting Back On PPVs

This seems to be the news at the moment, as there doesn’t appear to be an Against All Odds next year, and they’ll be going from Genesis in January to Lockdown in March.  No word yet on the rest of the schedule.  As for what I think about this…..

Thought of the Day: Wrestling Needs Used Car Salesmen

Watching a Nitro from 1997 and it made me miss something.

Themed WWE PPVs Possibly Ending

Word on the street is that Vince has finally caught up to reality and is realizing that the themed PPVs don’t add much.  So what does this mean?

Thought of the Day – Triple Threat Matches Are The Most Overused Matches Ever

This occurred to me when I was watching Survivor Series 2009 which had two triple threats for the world titles.  I did a little looking and found this:

Favorite PPV Posters

Simple question: what are your favorite PPV posters?  Here are a few of mine: