Well That Didn’t Last Long

So you might remember me mentioning a new record for ad revenue on Wednesday.  That record didn’t even make it until Saturday.   Thank you all again as I’m still not over Wednesday let alone today.

Thank You All

Second biggest day ever and had I posted a review we would have SHATTERED it.  Thank you all so much and I’ll have the review up tomorrow before Raw, barring any unseen issues. Also thank you all for supporting me with the site and buying the e-books.  Those things are the reason I’m down here […]

Thank You All Again

Yesterday took the page views record and beat it within an inch of its life, shattering the old mark by FORTY PERCENT.  I was blown away by this as I expected a big day, I didn’t expect this.  Thank you so much and I’m still stunned by how well things went yesterday.

Thanks Again Guys

Yesterday (Saturday) shattered my old record for views/hits.  Thanks for reading my stuff and I’ll be (attempting to) post live Mania results at the end of every match tomorrow night.  No guarantees though.   Thanks, KB