Brad Maddox Released They could really use some spring cleaning so maybe this is the start.  It would be nice considering how many people they have on the payroll who never do anything.  Maddox tried but there’s only so much you can do with his size and look.

Solomon Crowe Gone From NXT I can’t say I blame them.  Crowe had potential but he never really clicked.  That’s definitely not to say he doesn’t have talent, but the little monster gimmick was never going to work.  I was really intrigued by the hacker gimmick though and was hoping it was going to go somewhere.  Unfortunately HHH allegedly […]

Great Khali Possibly Released

He’s now on the alumni page of  If true, this isn’t the biggest shock in the world.  He hasn’t done anything of note in years and is just there for someone to beat in a “surprise”.  I still don’t get people who say he’s the worst in the world.  Yeah he’s big and slow, […]

Alberto Del Rio Released

According to it was due to an altercation with an employee and unprofessional conduct.  This sounds like something where more details will come out later. I can’t say I’m complaining as he hasn’t meant anything like forever, so I’m not the most annoyed, though I always liked his in ring work. If nothing else, […]

Ricardo Rodriguez Released By WWE

Confirmed on Twitter.  This could be the first of many names coming this weekend.  Stay tuned. There isn’t much to say about Rodriguez. Without Del Rio, he was pretty expendable. I did like his comedy stuff though.

Josh Matthews Looks To Be Gone From WWE

He’s now in the Alumni Section. This interests me far more than most of the wrestlers they released a few weeks back.

JTG Released

I…..I don’t know how to handle this.

Kassius Ohno Released

I can’t say I’m surprised. The guy got in hot water over his physique and has been doing nothing at all in NXT.  He’ll probably be ROH World Champion inside of a year.

Ted DiBiase Jr. Gone From WWE

This was announced much earlier today but I kept forgetting to talk about it.  That should sum up my feelings about DiBiase being gone. Not a bad guy but he didn’t do anything to separate himself from the pack.

Brooke Hogan Released From TNA