Three More WWE Releases And they’re bigger names this time.

Cameron and El Torito Released

That makes five (Hornswoggle, Alex Riley, Zeb Colter). I know Cameron posted that big rant about how she’s constantly bullied over the mistakes she’s made and I really didn’t have a ton of sympathy for her.  She did two stupid looking things and her character is based on being a self obsessed idiot which […]

WWE Releases Three Talents

These are always interesting days.

Bobby Roode and Eric Young Gone From TNA That’s quite the shock but causes an even bigger question: how in the world are they going to fill in two hours on Impact now? The roster was thing as it is and now they have two former World Champions gone? I know we say this a lot but they’re in even bigger trouble […]

WWE Cuts Five NXT Talents, Ends WWE Magazine

Garrett Dylan, Travis Tyler, Slate Randall, Mac Miles and Dani Jax.

Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre Also Released

No one is going to miss Mahal. Drew…..are we still OUTRAGED over his loss to Hornswoggle a few weeks ago? It was such an outcry that I can’t remember if it’s over yet. Referee Mark Harris is released as well. This is a big day so far.

WWE Releases 7 Names

The hits are coming fast and furious today.  So far the following are gone:

Jay Bradley and Wes Brisco Gone From TNA

No word on why but I’d guess budget cuts.  I’ll keep you posted on any more names being released today.

Jesse Sorensen Released By TNA

The more I think about this the less I like it.  Yeah the guy is injured and will likely never wrestle again, but are you telling me there isn’t some job for him in the company?  You can’t even have the guy answer the phones?  Now obviously if he asked for his release or is […]

Lots Of Talent Gone From TNA

Some through releases, some through contracts not being renewed.  Here’s what we have so far: