Required Viewing #16: Here Comes The Cavalry

They don’t happen often, but they’re some of the most exciting things in wrestling.

Required Viewing #15: Not The Mustard!

This one’s for you Memphis fans.

Required Viewing #14: Where In The World Did This Come From?

I’m getting some Nitro reviews done in advance (the things I do for you people) and ran across this match.  I barely remember it and watching it again made me scream at my computer.  The participants are going to surprise you.

Required Viewing #12: I Want Violence


Required Viewing #11: Ode To Freakzilla

I don’t think these need words.

Required Viewing #10: Since I Always Talk About It

I present the king of all hype videos. From Wrestlemania X7, it’s My Way. And how can you have the video without the match? It might be the greatest main event ever at Wrestlemania.

Required Viewing #9: Making The Invasion Look Awesome

I remember watching this about a hundred times.

Required Viewing #8: A Wrestlemania Retrospective

This one is slightly out of date, but it still works for me.

Required Viewing #7: The History

Speaking of incredible video packages.

Required Viewing #6: The Reviving Elbow

This is one of those things that only makes sense in wrestling’s warped twisted logic.