I Counted My Reviews And Now I Need Some Help From You All (Pick A Review)

I had to get a new flash drive today and I thought it would be fun to count up the total number of reviews I’ve done.  I now need someone to tell me it’s going to be ok.  This is a bit much.

Watched GLOW and Read a Book

So as you’ve probably heard, the latest hot show on Netflix is GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling), a dramatized story about the backstage workings of the comedy wrestling show of the same name from back in the 80s. The original was actually a hot show in syndication, though it was one of the dumbest things […]

New Feature

Stole this idea from a friend of mine.  On the right hand side of the screen near the top you will now see a box with a random review link in it.  If you would like another one, just refresh the page and a new random review will appear.  I hope it’s something you all […]

I’ve Altered My Schedule

It occurred to me that with 31 PPVs to go, it was going to take me until about Halloween to get done with all of the PPVs. I want them done by around the 4th of July so until I get done with them, I’m going to do alter my schedule a bit. First I’m […]

My Anniversary Is March 12

On March 12, 2009, I posted my first review. In just shy of 3 years, I’ve reviewed 1257 shows, or over one a day on average. It breaks down like this if you’re curious:

Backlash Reviews

I’ve been getting a ton of requests for shows from this series lately so just to clarify: once I get done with the No Mercy reviews, I’ll be doing the Backlash reviews in order as I always do. Those are the only two series I have left in WWE and I’ll be doing Backlash 2006 […]