Smackdown – July 19, 2013: Deja Vu All Over Again

Smackdown Date: July 19, 2013 Location: Dunkin’ Donuts Center, Providence, Rhode Island Commentators: Michael Cole, John Bradshaw Layfield With Money in the Bank passed we’re now in the period of waiting for Sandow to cash in. After Monday night we have some of the main events set for Summerslam which means we need some blue […]

Money in the Bank 2013: Can I Get My Money Back?

Money in the Bank 2013 Date: July 14, 2013 Location: Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Commentators: Michael Cole, John Bradshaw Layfield, Jerry Lawler This is one of the funnest shows of the year more often than not so I have high hopes for tonight. The main events are of course the two ladder matches along […]

Smackdown MITB Winner

It’s not who you would think.

Smackdown Money In The Bank Match

Why do so many people think this match isn’t happening?  You need seven people for the match right?  Here are some options:

Smackdown – May 10, 2013: Careful Ryback. You Might Be Getting Interesting.

Smackdown Date: May 10, 2013 Location: PNC Arena, Raleigh, North Carolina Commentators: Michael Cole, John Bradshaw Layfield, Josh Mathews With only two Smackdowns left until Extreme Rules, the biggest question is obvious: will more furniture be destroyed here tonight? Oh wait this is Smackdown, meaning Lesnar and HHH will never appear here. Anyway tonight we’re […]

WWE Needs To Go Back To Kindergarten

Tonight on Raw, we saw a clip of Swagger attacking Del Rio’s left knee.  Then for Del Rio’s match

WWE Hall of Fame: Class of 2007

It may be weaker at the top but it’s very strong throughout.

On This Day: February 15, 1985 – Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling: WCW’s Grandfather

Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling Date: February 15, 1986 Location: WPCQ Studios, Charlotte, North Carolina Commentators: Bob Caudle, Johnny Weaver This is another territory that I’ve touched on before and we’ll be taking another look at it here now. I only have one episode at the moment but if this goes well I’ll see if I can […]

Proper Nostalgia In Modern Times

Last night was a good example of this.

NXT – December 26, 2012: Why I Love NXT

NXT Date: December 26, 2012 Host: Tony Dawson Back to Florida and we’ve got a new challenger for Rollins in the form of Corey Graves. That’s by far the biggest thing that happened last week as the main event was Big Show squashing Bo Dallas for no apparent reason. The shows have been solid lately […]