Thought of the Day: When Commentary Sounded Real

Somehow, it’s much more real than in the reality era.

WWF Los Angeles House Show – August 13, 1988: I Don’t Think You Can Say That In 1988

WWF House Show Date: August 13, 1988 Location: Los Angeles Sports Arena, Los Angeles, California Commentators: Gorilla Monsoon, Superstar Billy Graham It’s another show that was recently added to the Network and it’s from my favorite era so let’s take a look. Randy Savage is the World Champion here and defending against Andre the Giant […]

Royal Rumble Count-Up – 1989: Not Quite There Yet

Royal Rumble 1989 Date: January 15, 1989 Location: The Summit, Houston, Texas Attendance: 19,000 Commentators: Gorilla Monsoon, Jesse Ventura This is the first PPV version of the show and things have changed a lot. Tonight, everyone is in the match and they’re focusing more on the idea of every man being for himself. The match […]

Royal Rumble Count-Up – 1990: Maybe It Will Live Forever

Royal Rumble 1990 Date: January 21, 1990 Location: Orlando Arena, Orlando, Florida Attendance: 16,000 Commentators: Tony Schiavone, Jesse Ventura We hit the 90s and there’s a bit of a new feel to the company with that new decade. Things are now being made to look a little newer and it’s probably a good thing that […]

Wrestler of the Day – February 18: Jacques Rougeau

We’re going north of the border today for Jacques Rougeau.

Hart Foundation: Before They Were Awesome

Hart Foundation Host: Craig DeGeorge Commentators: Vince McMahon, Jesse Ventura, Alfred Hayes, Gorilla Monsoon, Bobby Heenan This is something I haven’t done in a good while: an old Coliseum Video. The tape is exactly what it sounds like: a profile on the Hart Foundation featuring matches and interviews. I guess I can force myself to […]